An Open Letter to the Residents of Mines Road
May 14, 2014

I have been involved with the production of bicycle events for over 15 years. It seems that each event offers something new. Having said that, I have to admit I never imagined someone borrowing one of our rented port-o-potties. But that is exactly what happened this year. Late Friday afternoon, April 25th, the delivery person for M&M Sanitary called to confirm the drop location of the port-o-potties that we had rented for the weekend. Saturday morning, April 26th, our workers arrived around 8:00 AM. You can very clearly see from the picture at the left that there were two units the day of our event. We had cleaned the area and were completely gone from the location by 2:30 PM that day.

Monday afternoon, April 28th, around 4:00 PM, I received a call from the same delivery person, wondering where the other port-o-potty was. Believe it or not, someone had borrowed one:(

I thought about this a lot -- wondering who would do such a thing... Although I am only privileged to ride on Mines Road once or twice a year (it's a fair distance from my home), I thought about the type of person I typically saw on that road. The missing port-o-potty was taken from a location almost 4 miles from Tesla, the nearest main road. I reasoned that it had to be someone that used the road regularly...

The first group that came to mind were Cyclists. Although fairly remote, I can't personally think of a nicer road on which to ride a bicycle, and clearly many other cyclists feel the same based on the number of cyclists that I see there. I tried to picture the "borrowing". I'm no artist, but it turns out my daughter is, and she was able to put my thoughts into a picture.

Probably not the answer... Anyone that has spent any time at all on Mines Rd knows that there are also many motorcycles -- both of the sport variety and cruisers. I also tried to picture this. Once again my daughter was able to translate my thoughts into a picture.

Still hard to imagine, even with the picture... Over the years I've also seen many sports cars out there. Considering this possibility just seemed like nothing but a big mess -- all around -- literally.

Finally, it occurred to me that I had seen many pickup trucks on that road -- presumably owned and driven by those that actually live on the road. As part of our permit with Alameda County, I send a postcard each year the week before the event alerting them regarding the event. There are 143 addresses along the 20 miles of Mines Rd within Alameda County. At last -- a true possibility!

And so my request. Please return what was borrowed. The missing unit is brown on the front with an aqua blue/green color on the other three sides. It should be marked with the M&M Sanitary logo. It is unit B729, although I'm not sure where to find that designation.

There is a reward being offered for information leading to the recovery of this unit. I would also ask that you spread the link to this page where possible -- I really need your help. I only infrequently am able to be on Mines road, and would really appreciate anyone that can be my eyes out there.
Scott Halversen

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