Knoxville Road - Water Stop #2A

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Work Time:
10:30 AM to 2:45 PM (or last rider)
Official "Open Time":
Not published
Course Mileage:
Miles since last water:
21.8 (Lake Berryessa Rest Stop)
Miles to next stop:
15.1 (Lower Lake Lunch Stop)
(Note - There are a number of ways to get here. These are the GoogleMaps directions from the park.)

Directions from Pena Adobe Park:
I-80 West - 4.6 miles
Exit onto Waterman Blvd - 1.9 miles
Continue on Mankas Corner Rd - 0.7 miles
Turn right to stay on Mankas Corner Rd - 1.4 miles
Turn left to stay on Mankas Corner Rd - 0.6 miles
Turn right at Suisun Valley Rd - 2.5 miles
Continue on Wooden Valley Rd - 6.6 miles
Turn right on Monticello Rd - 5.5 miles
Turn left at Capell Valley Rd - 4.8 miles
Turn right at Berryessa Knoxville Rd - 34.8 miles
Rest stop will be on your left at a pull-out 1.4 miles past the tunnel.

Special Instructions:
It can take a long time to get to this stop even though it's not that far away. It will probably take close to an hour from Pena Adobe.
Google Map
This map shows the approximate location, but if you click "Get Directions" the end-point is not correct